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Cable TV Override


Many organizations employ cable television systems throughout public areas and residential facilities. Alertus Technologies' cable television override solution transforms cable TVs into an internal enterprise emergency alert system. In a matter of seconds, you will be able to override all screens and all channels with a full-screen notification. Alert notifications are easily updated and will remain actively displayed for a designated period of time or until canceled. Alternatively, a partial screen override option captures attention with less intrusiveness.

Cable television override is a perfect complement to existing public address systems to help ensure the integrity of messages in loud areas. It is also an effective way to alert those who may be deaf or hard-of-hearing. The Alertus text-to-speech module streamlines the notification process by ensuring simultaneous activation of both the audible and visual systems. The Alertus fire alarm interface can ensure consistent notifications across all systems.


Cable TV Override Key Features

  • Immediate: Cable TV override is rapidly deployable and can be launched via the Alertus Activation Console software from any computer or mobile device

  • Customizable: Overrides existing display with customized, full-screen alert message

  • Personalization: Alert can be personalized to display your organization’s logo (only available if using a PC-based configuration)

  • Integrated: Software designed to interface with external devices, including the wall-mounted Alert Beacon®, most LCD screens, LED marquees, and digital media displays

As Alertus continually introduces new features like the integration with the digital displays and desktop pop-ups, the system gets even more powerful. But no matter how much we integrate with the system, it’s still essentially a one-button solution.
— Frank Zebedis, Chief of Campus Police, Winthrop University

Product Resources

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 The Alertus system overrides all cable and campus televisions and displays a full-screen emergency notification on digital signage and television screens.

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Alertus’ digital signage and cable TV override solution can transform these devices into intelligent emergency alerting appliances to immediately provide critical information to your constituents with just the touch of a button.

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