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Alertus Technologies offers mobile phone apps for enhanced mobile notification between authorized dispatchers and end users.

The Alertus Recipient App allows end users to not only receive push notifications but to quickly send geo-tagged incident reports to emergency management personnel via the panic button feature. 

The Alertus Activator App allows authorized dispatchers to quickly send emergency notification alerts to faculty, staff, students, or personnel via Android or iOS tablets or smartphones.

Alertus Recipient App Key Features

The Alertus Recipient App allows end users to receive push notifications from the Alertus system. It also offers a panic button feature so users can quickly and easily send incident reports to emergency managers.

  • Geo-tagged Incident Reporting: Users can report incidents with the user's current location, send a customized message in the message box, or select from multiple incident types with quick-action buttons via the panic button in which users can select from multiple pre-set incident types with quick-action buttons to deliver to emergency management.

  • Custom Branding: Organizations can custom brand the home screen and notification details so users easily identify notifications as an extension of the organization's safety resources

  • Public Safety Number: Organizations can list safety numbers so users can easily contact emergency personnel or services

  • Simple Interface: The Recipient App has a clean, intuitive interface that makes incident reporting easy and simple

  • Easy Setup: Users can easily download and install the Recipient App from the iOS App Store or Google Play store

Alertus Activator App Key Features

  • Integrated: Fully integrated with the Alertus suite of emergency mass notification products. Designed to work with third-party vendors, allowing authorized Alertus App users to quickly send emergency notification alerts to personnel

  • Customizable Preset Alerts: Alerts from the Activator App can be preset within the Alertus Server, and displayed text can be customized using the Alertus App interface

  • Simple Interface: Mobile phone app dashboard allows authorized dispatchers to easily customize and send preset alerts as well as view or cancel active alerts

  • Auditing/Reporting: Detailed real-time reports track who receives/acknowledges each message and the current status of each client

  • Notification Coverage: Users with the Alertus Recipient App downloaded onto their mobile phones or tablets instantly receive emergency alerts when activated

  • Easy Setup: The Alertus Activator App is very easy to install. You can also configure the signup process according to your organization needs and require one or more of the following for mobile app signup and access—organization domain, email address, or pin code


Visit the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store to learn more and download the Alertus Mobile Apps.

We have an app on campus that a lot of folks download. It gives them the menus for the dining hall, the transportation tracker. We’re seeing whether we can leverage that to send out an alert, much like our website, that would do a push notification to their phones or tablets.
— Mark Bagby, Director of Emergency Management, Washington University in St. Louis

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